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We have added 4 branches in Levent Çarşı, Capacity Shopping Centre, Cevahir Shopping Centre and 216 Shopping Centre to our restaurant established in 1972 in Istanbul Ataköy Sahilyolu in order to provide you service at different locations. Our production facility in Avcılar-Firuzköy with a closed space of 400 m2 has operated since June 2010 for the purpose of ensuring the quality, taste and hygiene of products served in all branches to comply with the http://www.gelik.com.tr/images/logoYazi.pngstandards.

Our products are produced under the supervision of Food Engineer and Veterinary in all processes from goods acceptance to the service in conformity with the principles of ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and From Farm to Fork Food Safety principles.

In order to protect unique http://www.gelik.com.tr/images/logoYazi.png taste and quality, the production is carried out by the most quality raw materials. Production conditions and product quality of our suppliers are supervised continuously and periodic raw material analyses and control visits to supplier production facilities are conducted. Veal and lamb are selected specially and production is carried out with the most valuable meat such as Thrace Kıvırcık Sheep and Thrace Calf. Many of our products are produced specially for our firm by our suppliers. Therefore we have tasty dishes such as Meatball with Cheese, Doner, Rice with Mushroom, Kuyu (Pit) Kebab, Buttermilk, Kunefe and Pita which are peculiar to our firm.

Products which are produced in our facility are produced in entirely independent areas. For this purpose, Red Meat Production Unit, Poultry Meat Production Unit, Cooking Unit, Kuyu Kebab Production Unit, Pita Dough Production Unit, Buttermilk Production Unit, Vegetable Washing and Disinfection Unit, Dishwashing Unit, Goods Acceptance Unit and Delivery Unit are designed separately. There are 14 Cold Storage Rooms divided according to the type of product, Chiller Room, Dry Food Depot, Drink Depot, Spice Depot, Consumables Depot, and Cleaning Chemicals Depot. Temperature of our cold storage rooms are always kept under control and recorded.

We as Gelik Gıda produce and serve all of our products daily in order to protect public health and to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to protect the permanency of our product quality, end products are controlled by our Tasting Team sensually before they are delivered to the branches. Error rate is minimized thanks to our production processes carried out under continuous control.
Microbiological analyses of raw materials, end products, equipment, personnel and hygienic condition of ambient air in the production stages are conducted in a contracted Food Laboratory monthly to protect the Food Safety. Microbiological and chemical analysis reports are requested from suppliers periodically.
Goods acceptance controls (temperature, pH value, production and expiry dates etc.) of all products are conducted by our Food Engineer and Veterinary at the stage of Goods Acceptance. All controls conducted in the course of goods acceptance are recorded for the traceability of the products. Accepted products are placed to the depots immediately according to the type of the product.

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Ataköy (Headquarters) Sahilyolu Ataköy - İST.
Phone : 444 7 999
Levent Çarşı Caddesi No:24 1. Levent - İST.